Deanah McCormack - Lead Counsellor

I began my professional life in 1982 working within the corporate sector in Dublin, London and eventually New York where I lived and worked in a corporate leadership capacity for many years before returning to my native country Ireland.   I have always had a keen interest in understanding human dynamics, people in general, relationships and diversity.   In 2002 after some years spent at home with my two young adopted boys,  I undertook a course in early years training, both because I wanted to offer my children the best parenting possible and secondly because I’d finally found my niche.

This opened new vistas and was the catalyst in further training in a specialist field that is a consuming passion for me - Certification in caring for those with Special Needs.  This was quickly followed with a Diploma in the same field.  Since then I have continued to add professionally to my portfolio of expertise such as ABA (Applied Behavioural Analysis) while continually attending personal development workshops.    I am a qualified counsellor and an accredited member of the APCP  with a foundation in Humanistic and integrative approaches. 

I have worked in the Early Years Education sector for over 10 years and am incredibly enthusiastic about my work with both children and adults alike.  I am also qualified in the facilitation of an internationally recognized peer support group for children - Rainbows Ireland, which offers a programme to support children with a myriad of issues related to loss and bereavement.  I also facilitate both Strengthening Families and The Incredible Years programme. Having personally reaped the benefits and therapeutic effects of EFT, I undertook further development to qualify as an EFT practitioner and am offering this service now.  I have found it, personally and as a practitioner, to be an excellent tool for dealing with both past and current issues and promoting personal development in a safe and gentle way. Combined with counselling and a host of techniques I’ve learned along my own journey, it makes for a very powerful therapeutic tool.  I also offer therapeutic services through the mediums of Sand play therapy and Art Therapy both of which combined with my qualifications as a counsellor are powerful mediums in emotional reparation. 

For me, in a frenzied world with stress and challenges, learning the art of living an authentic and happy life is a never-ending journey which I embrace similarly to every client I work with.  The journey and all my clients deserve reverence, patience, a space free of judgement, warmth, compassion  and above all acceptance.  For more information on the some of the services I provide please click the counselling services link.


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Deanah McCormack

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