Deanah MCormack

Each persons needs are unique...

Counselling is a collaborative working relationship.

The aim of counselling is to help us to live our lives happily and resourcefully.

Issues that we may take to counselling are;

  • Coping with a crisis
  • Difficulty with decisions
  • Grief and loss
  • Overcoming specific challenges
  • Work related stress
  • Anxiety
  • Personal development and insight
  • Inner turmoil in our lives
  • Relationship conflicts
  • Depression
  • Loss of purpose

At some time in almost all of our lives issues can arise that we feel unable to cope with...

We often call on the support of friends and family but sometimes these supports may be inappropriate for sharing our problems with, or may indeed be a part of our problem.

New clients to counselling, or a new counsellor might feel anxious about what sessions entail and their involvement.  

My role as a counsellor is to provide you a space, offering confidentiality and safety so that you can explore whatever challenge you are currently facing.  As a client you may like to know that counselling does not have to last for years and you do not have to be ill or experiencing deep distress to feel the benefits.

Some clients may benefit from short term counselling, others may attend for longer depending on their unique needs.  You are in the driver’s seat with regards to what you bring to any session and together we will always honour your pace. I will work with you on your journey in a way that respects your personal resources, values, beliefs and choices within your own unique context.