Sand Play therapy - a unique form of therapy

Deanah McCormack Counselling Services in Tralee, Co. Kerry is now offering sand play therapy and art therapy services.  

Generally, adults have have the vocabulary to articulate their feelings, or put personal issues into a context that can be worked through. Play to a child, is what vocabulary is, to an adult. Through the medium of sand play children can learn to put their experiences into context within their enrvironment.  

Research supports the idea that body trauma and memories are stored in the limbic system and the right side of the brain.  The left side of the brain is the logic location, the right is creative.  Non-verbal therapies, like sand play therapy and art therapy may allow us use both sides to access pre-verbal or other material, bringing it into conciousness and allowing for integration. 

The benefits of sand play therapy are widely recognized.  A myriad of issues may be addressed therapeutically through sand play, some of which are;  trauma, abuse, anxiety, grief or behavioural issues.    

You can contact me through the website, or at (087) 175-6857 if you would like to avail of this service or require any further information.  


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