What depression feels like

Deression is not the same as sadness.  Sadness is a universal feeling.  We experience sadness when we are grieving, dissapointed, feeling rejected or hurt.  So sadness is a feeling that moves in and out of our lives fluidly.  However, sadness is not constant and not pervasive like depression.  Sadness doesn't affect our overall health, energy levels or the purpose and meaning that we give to our lives. Sadness may affect our ability to live life fully for a time, but generally it passes.   Depression is the imposter that invades every aspect of our lives and being. 


Symptoms of depression include:

A depressive episode is indicated if one experiences five or more of these symptoms over a period of two weeks or more.

These are the symptoms of depression not the experience,  read on...


What depression feels like:


Depressive illness is silent and not visiible to the naked eye.   Frustratingly, it does'nt respond to logic or platitudes. Proglonged depression affects our self-esteem and self worth.  If you or some-one you know is experiencing what feels like depression, please visit your G.P.  Delay making important decisions. Avoid alcohol or recreational drug use.  Talk to some-one, get some social support.   There is "no one size fits all" approach to recovery.  Educate yourself on all of the treatments available; counselling, medication, lifestyle changes etc. and decide what is best for you.  



Disclaimer:  This article is informational only and not to be taken as a diagnosis, treament or advice which can only be given by your G.P.