Less Stress more personal success


It's true, there are essential and everyday priorities.  How much time do you spend though, investing in ought to do or should do activities that are not essential to personal well-being?

When you live your life on the treadmill of shoulds and oughts, you live a life of duty versus purpose.  Which do you want to invest your time in?

Living slavishly to duty is apt to evoke feelings of guilt, anger and resentment.  Choosing to live your life investing in activities that are personally mearningful increases self-worth, self esteem, intuition, independence and of course places one high on the happiness richter scale.  The benefits are obvious and bountiful, less stress, more clarity.........

Balance your sense of duty with your personal purpose.  Challenge yourself to invest your energy in activities that give authentic mearning to your precious life. 

Deanah Mc Cormack August 2012


County Kerry

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