"Every behaviour is an attempt to fulfill an unmet or unknown need"

Children's behaviour can present challenges for parents and care givers alike at times.   This article addresses some of the reasons that children are apt to behave in ways that challenges us to ask "whats going on?"   If we can try to undersatnd misbehaviour as an attempt to fulfill needs, we are less likely to become emotional or frustrated with it.  That said, it is quite normal for children to present us with these challenges.  Children misbehave for a host of different reasons;

The business of growing up is testing for children and keeps adults on their toes.    There is a lot to learn.  Be patient with your child and yourself.  Be genuine and generous with your praise and encouragement and above all - let your child know that even though you may dissaprove of some of his behaviour, you will love him and be there for him.